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Freelance web developer Oleg Knyazev

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Hi! I'm a full-stack web developer based in Russia who's been building useful things with code since 2012, but you can call me Oleg. I started out in this profession as a frontend web developer and went to being able to wrap whole business models in efficient, all-around online solutions, working remote as an independent contractor. I actually love this craft as an important part of my life and my growth, and I love helping people turn their ideas and hard work into success!

Here's what I can do for you

I offer services in exclusive website and web app design and development for projects of various complexity. You have ideas and projects, and I can turn most of these ideas into working online tools, it's that simple.


Your own online store tailored exclusively for your specific needs. Facilitate the routine business tasks with the help of a custom CRM system wrapped in a convenient, friendly user interface. Manage sales, product stock, employee activity, and customer relationships with ease, focusing on your business instead of fighting the tools.

Strarting at $3000

Marketing website

I can build a single page website for you to increase the conversion rates of your AD campaigns, generating leads and driving sales. Most businesses don't need a complex system to start selling online, and this is a perfect solution to start small, focus on sales and marketing, leaving the landing page to reel the leads in. Give your product, service, or event a worthy presentation and let it work for you.

Starting at $1000

Portfolio Website

The smallest companies, creative groups and individuals, or talented and experienced professionals need a way to present their work and achievements to the broad audience on the Internet. You can work with me to get a nice website built, making your best work shine and speak for itself. Let that website be the main online platform for you, slowly building your exposure through serch engines and attracting new fans, clients, and potential business partners.

Starting at $750

Company website

One thing a well-established business can benefit from is the transparency. If your company cares about building long-term presence and reputation, it needs to have a well-built website that provides quality user experience and helps people learn more about the core values behind your business. Use it to form a healthy relationship with the audience and show the competition that your company is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Starting at $2000

Take a look at some of the projects I've built

HH Wear — Guillotine t-shirt

HH Wear

An e-commerce website for Moscow-based streetwear clothing brand that features exclusive artwork. Designed and built from scratch, this solution features a user-friendly interface and rocks a custom CRM system under the hood that helps with managing online and offline retail sales as well as wholesale operations.

Glowepil website screenshot


I've designed and developed a one page marketing website for a laser hair removal studio in Saint Petersburg (Russia) called Glowepil. Its clean, fully responsive design along with an integrated IP phone widget helps clients book appointments with ease, and the custom content management system makes any adjustment on the landing page a breeze.

IPS-SNAB website thumbnail


Responsive website design and development for the concrete building block manufacturer in Saint Petersburg (Russia). This website is the company's main sails funnel online and the main destination for their organic and AD traffic. Offering the information about the company and its products, the website also has an IP telephony integration to help convert the leads.

Indoors photo from Uppercut barbershop

Uppercut Barbershop

A single page website I made for the opening of the first Uppercut brand's barbershop (now a franchise) in Saratov, Russia. It's a landing page website wrapped in minimalist, mobile-friendly design, made for the sole purpose of providing directions to clients and help them book appointments through an integrated booking widget of the "yClients" system.

Lampliter Oceanside Resorts poolside view

Lampliter Oceanside Resorts

A complete redesign and rebuild of the website of an oceanfront motel in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey (US). It features the responsive web design, tailored to reflect the sunny family vacation mood of the place, and it also provides the information about the motel, its services, and offers an interactive map with directions for the new guests.

I keep it human and provide value

Not an agency, not a rookie

Finding a reliable and capable freelancer or an independent contractor is not as easy as it seems while the agencies' pricing and scale of work is off the table for most of the small businesses, especially those starting out on tight budgets. What I offer is the middle ground between those two.

You can hire me as an independent contractor and a legal entity (LLC under Russian jurisdiction), and I will be as flexible as a freelancer with my approach while maintaining the high quality of work and providing good communication as a professional with basically a decade of experience in the field.

You will get perfectly reasonable pricing and a reliable online solution tailored to your needs to enhance your business and help you achieve your goals. Hopefully, a start to a long, mutually beneficial business relationship, too.

Flexible apporach and reliable technologies

There are various popular systems available like WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, and many more that provide basic, pre-built systems for websites and online stores. Just upload it to your server, run an installation script, choose a template, and you're good to go. And most freelancers as well as many small teams use these systems in their work as go-to options.

The issue with these systems is that they're built on outdated technology and app architecture design patterns, leading to fundamental security risks. WordPress, for example, accounted for 90% of hacked CMS-driven websites back in 2018.

Apart from that, they require constant component management and development work along with "hacky" workarounds to add even the pretty basic functionality. As if that's not enough, those systems more often than not store data in such a way that makes project migration to other platforms nearly impossible, or very expensive.

Good news is that I don't use those systems in my work. I build secure and performant solutions exclusively for each project, using some of the best web technologies in the world such as Laravel, Vue.js, and Tailwind CSS. With them, I can go fast, I can build complex stuff, and have all the control I need to build, extend, and maintain the project at any stage. Which in turn saves you both money and time.

Without bureaucracy and micromanagement

Bad communication and inefficient management create chaos, unnecessary stress, and increase the risk of critical errors that can come up as really unpleasant surprises during launch, or even after the project is launched. If you value your reputation, time, and resources, you probably don't want that.

In my work, I do my best to utilize the most fitting technology available to create the tools that help facilitate the routine tasks and minimize the risk of human error. Then, my clients can focus on actually doing business and moving it forward.

I genuinely want my clients to be successful and prosper, and since they pay me to do the job, I'm there for them to take the burden of ever-evolving tech off their shoulders. If you need results and someone you can rely on to work in your best interest, you can count on me and just let me do my best so you could focus on something you're really good at.